Neta Marine shipyard is located in Bodrum/Turkey. It has been operating since 1999 and based on its experience of more than 20 years, Neta Marine has specialized in the construction of traditional wooden Bodrum gulets, modern steel yacht sand aluminium motor yachts. Besides construction, Neta Marine Shipyard also affords refit, repair, maintance and parking for winter time both forTurkish-flagged vessel and foreign-flagged vessel.

Neta Marine shipyard built on an area of 3.795 square meters, which includes three hangars(sheds). Each hangar(shed) is 962 square meters and provides facilities for the construction of a 60 meter megayacht. We also offer a parking ground of 2.405 square meters for wintering. Apart of yacht construction, our technical staff offers maintance, lift-out and shipyard services.

Our mission is to provide a better service based on innovations of sector supported by our continuously developing company and our experienced staff to satisfy the needs of the yacht construction in dustry growing in a fast way

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